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IOS Developer
IT / Bangalore, India

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Job Summary

IOS Developers design and build applications for mobile devices running Apple’s iOS operating software. They are responsible for designing and coding the base application, ensuring the quality of the application, fixing application bugs, maintaining the code, and implementing application updates

Duties & Responsibilities

  • 3+ years of iOS application development, with extensive use of Obj-C (or Swift) I/O, collections, algorithms, and well-known application frameworks
  • Worked extensively on UX/UI items, understand the native behavior of controls available in UIKit
  • Have created some UI component of own in past
  • Strong understanding of interactive application development paradigm under iOS, memory management, file I/O, network programming, concurrency, and multithreading
  • Experience in iOS-specific application development and publishing iOS apps in the app store
  • Experience working with iOS frameworks such as Core Data, Core Animation, Core Graphics, and Core Text
  • Programming experience in Objective-C programming, Cocoa, Xcode, and the iOS SDK
  • Good understanding of design patterns
  • Good understanding of the full mobile development life cycle
  • Working knowledge of the general mobile landscape, architecture, trends, and emerging technologies
  • Experience in working with third-party libraries and API


  • 3-5 years of experience in mobile application development on iPhone
  • Personally architected and implemented applications available in the iOS mobile marketplace
  • Understanding of best practices for development of the mobile user experience on iPhone/iPad
  • Excellent oral and written communication, self-motivated and able to work without supervisionh3

Qualifications & Requirements

  • Bachelor Degree